Hot-Water Piping Components


We offer pipes for hot-water circulation and various joints for the pipes that are indispensable to make hot-water floor heating systems. We carry a wide variety of piping components to meet any demand from all sorts of installation sites.

Main Products

Cross-Linked Polyethylene Pipes and Sealing Caps

Cross-linked polyethylene means an ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene with steric network structure formed by cross-linkage (which is created by combining chain structured polyethylene molecules with each other at several points), and has much more enhanced heat life compared to ordinary polyethylene. Caps for pipe-end sealing are also available.

Pair tube

Super heat insulating pair tube

Sealing cap

Headers and Joints

We offer headers for heat source equipment and joints for plastic pipes.



Thermomotive-valve header

Components for Fireproof Compartment and Exhaust Stack

惻Fire prevention kit "FPK"
This penetrating component for fire proof compartments is made from thermally expandable plastic. Piping work is straightforward by means of one-touch joint that needs mere insertion of one pipe into another.

惻Exhaust stack "nkP pipe" for easy installation
Speedy piping is possible by means of one-touch joint that needs mere insertion of one pipe into another.



Piping Components for ENE惻FARM

We carry piping components for ā€ENE惻FARM"(fuel cell cogeneration system for household use).

Our company is registered on the"ENE惻FARM Partners" and engages in activities to disseminate and promote the ENE惻FARM.

LE union piping component

Piping component pack

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